7 October 2021

University of Deusto trains ASEAN educators on how to set up online learning

Noppanun Sookping
AUN Programme Officer;

The “How to set up online learning in your university” training held by the ASEAN University Network and conducted by the International Tuning Academy from the University of Deusto was held from May 2021 until July 2021. The training saw a total of 87 participants from 83 different universities in 9 ASEAN countries over the course of three different batches, all trained by a team of six trainers from the University of Deusto. The programme was fully sponsored by the ASEAN University Network Secretariat and featured intensive engagement between the ASEAN participants and the Deusto experts.

This programme aimed to train faculty-level administrators and institutional implementers of online learning platforms to craft and manage high-quality, student-centered online learning. The programme introduces and teaches the participants how to use the tools for online learning set up by the University of Deusto as a companion for their ability to design the teaching content around this methodology. Beyond this, the training session acts as a platform for exchange of knowledge and continuous sharing, as well as a networking opportunity among the participants to build connections and establish long-term beneficial cooperation.

The course was taught through four modules. The first discussed the contexts and varieties of online learning, as well as the challenges of communication, support, and assessment. The second module introduces the various learning competences and indicators used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of teaching methods. The third module focused on the “Learner 4.0”, where participants were tasked with distributing pedagogical strategies to the appropriate competence areas. The final module elaborates on the ADDIE Model, which depicts the process for building effective training and instruction.

Following each training session, the participants provided positive feedback and appreciated the experience and lessons learned from the Deusto trainers. The AUN hopes that this programme is a step towards increasing adaptation to the digital transformation of learning from the faculty level, and that the fruits of its methods would expand towards the infrastructure and policy level of universities, ultimately meeting the learning fundamentals of the students themselves.