15 February 2024

Launching of AUN Internship Programme Book

Noppanun Sookping
AUN Programme Officer;

Launched in 2011, the ASEAN University Network (AUN) Internship Programme by the AUN Secretariat provides university students with the opportunity to learn and gain unique learning experiences in an international and multicultural setting through the work of the AUN Secretariat in facilitation and promoting the Network’s contribution to the development of the higher education sector in ASEAN.

The last twelve years of the programme has been full of good memories, progress and development contributing to the platform as it is now. As of February 2024, the AUN Internship Programme has accepted 232 students from 21 ASEAN and non-ASEAN countries throughout the continued duration of the programme. Originally an entirely on-site programme, the Secretariat’s experience continuing the AUN Internship through the COVID-19 pandemic offered a new perspective in providing a window of opportunity for university students to participate in the programme remotely. Right now, the AUN Secretariat offers both year-round online and onsite modes of internship to university students from across the globe. Interested students or sending institutions can find more information and apply to the programme at https://www.aunsec.org/aun-action/aun-internship-programme-2023

To commemorate the programme’s longstanding history, programme management details and vital information to those interested in the AUN Internship as well as the general public, the AUN Secretariat is proud to announce the official launch of the AUN Internship Programme Book. The purpose of this book is to document, showcase and raise awareness towards the programme’s critical information, progress, development and growth throughout the years. Through colourful presentations of the project’s information, history and good memories throughout the year, we at the AUN Secretariat hope the book can inspire future generations of AUN interns as well as other stakeholders to participate in the programme’s success as a part of the mechanisms contributing towards the cultivation of global professional young talents.

The digital version of the AUN Internship Book is available at https://www.aunsec.org/application/files/9617/0745/5320/AUN_Internship_Programme_Book_compressed.pdf