6 October 2022

Delegates from the ASEAN Member States and ROK Gathered at ASEAN-Korea Youth Summit 2022 Closing and Awarding Ceremony

AUN Writer Team

By Jose Ramil Reyes, AUN Intern

Last September 27, the ASEAN-Korea Youth Summit 2022 (AKYS 2022) saw the conclusion of the event with the participation of delegates from ASEAN member states and the Republic of Korea. This year’s summit theme was about Carbon Neutrality and ASEAN-Korea Youth, and participants and delegates were tasked to create projects and activities after the conclusion of the program proper last August 12. The event was graced through the ZEP platform, wherein participants were able to use the Metaverse functions and enjoy the virtual setup that the said space offers.

AKYS Closing ceremony Pic 1.png

Every country that attended participated accordingly and successfully throughout the summit, with the culmination of their projects and activities designed to help ease and initiate action-oriented tasks for carbon neutrality and youth participation in their respective countries. However, only six winning country teams emerged at the end of the summit, the results are as follows:

First Place:       The Philippines
Second Place:   Cambodia
Third Place:       Indonesia and the Republic of Korea
Fourth Place:    Thailand and Viet Nam

Through their project entitled The Aftertaste of Food Waste, the winning country team, the Philippines, organized activities and initiatives that tackled reducing the bitter side effects of inefficient food production and consumption. They were proven to be successful in executing all of their plans and goals as they had an extensive reach throughout the run of their summit project.

ED at AKYS.png

Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, Executive Director of the ASEAN University Network

To officially conclude the awarding ceremony, Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, the Executive Director of the ASEAN University Network, delivered congratulatory remarks to all the winning country teams and all the participants who had successfully finished the entirety of the summit. On the other hand, Ms. Jessica Lee, MC and one of the facilitators of the summit, delivered the closing remarks to officially close the ceremony.

For more information about the recently concluded AKYS 2022, please visit https://eng.akys.kr/.