18 August 2022

Youth Leaders and Advocates from ASEAN and ROK Convened at ASEAN-Korea Youth Summit 2022 for Carbon Neutrality and Regional Cooperation

AUN Writer Team

by Jose Ramil Reyes, AUN Intern

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and The National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea, in partnership with the ASEAN University Network and the Korean Educational Psychology Association, hosted the ASEAN-Korea Youth Summit 2022 (AKYS 2022) with the main theme of “Carbon Neutrality and ASEAN-Korea Youth”. The Summit garnered the participation of over 80 delegates from ASEAN countries and the Republic of Korea convened via Zoom and Metaverse (ZEP).

On August 9, 2022, over 80 youth environment leaders and advocates from ASEAN countries and the Republic of Korea gathered to commence the opening ceremony of the ASEAN-Korea Youth Summit 2022 (AKYS 2022), hosted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, organized by The National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea, and in partnership with the ASEAN University Network and the Korean Educational Psychology Association. With the main theme being Carbon Neutrality and ASEAN-Korea Youth, the summit talked about interregional and international cooperation and collaboration on delivering sustained efforts towards achieving an eco-friendly ASEAN and ROK for the betterment of the region's citizens.

Before the summit proper, the delegates had attended the pre-summit activities from 16 July to 8 August 2022, including each group's orientation and pre-discussions and performing their pre-assignments.

The summit officially started on 9 August with H.E. Lee Ki Soon, Vice Minister of Gender Equality and Family of the Republic of Korea, delivering the Opening Remarks, H.E. Han Mi-young, Acting President of the National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea, commencing the welcoming remarks, and H.E. Dato Lim Jock Hoi, Secretary-General of Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Chring Botumrangsay, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia to the Republic of Korea to convey the congratulatory remarks.Screenshot 2022-08-17 155851.jpg

The youth participants then delivered their country’s introductory video during the opening ceremony, where the audiences had the chance to take a quick look at what each participating country has to offer. The official delegates of the summit were introduced afterward. Achala Abeysinghe, Asia Regional Director and Head of Programs at Global Green Growth Institute, delivered her keynote speech where she talked about the role of Youth for Green Growth in the region. Moreover, Hayoung Park, Project Manager at Green Environment Youth Korea, also discussed in her keynote speech the importance of being together with the youth to address environmental concerns to end the opening ceremony officially.

On Day 2 of the summit, the delegates convened based on their discussion groups to talk about their assigned topics. The assigned topics include the following:

  1. Implementation of Carbon Neutrality and the Role of Youth,
  2. Understanding Environmental Justice and Equal Environmental Rights,
  3. The Future of Eco-Friendly and Green Technology,
  4. Environmental Changes and Human Health, 
  5. Achievement of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and Youth Participation.

Apart from the discussion, the delegates also had the chance to create a brochure according to their assigned topics and draft recommendation proposals for the problems imposed for each group that will be discussed per nation to cater to their local and national needs and contexts.Main room.png

AKYS 2022 ZEP Main Room

On Day 3, the delegates presented the results of their discussion per nation on how they can adapt the standard recommendations to their respective countries. Moreover, there was also a discussion to finalize the recommendation adoption, in which delegates talked about the joint recommendation on achieving carbon neutrality for their countries and the region. To end the day, cultural exchange was made via the ZEP platform to learn more about each other’s countries and find new and meaningful connections among the delegates.Photo zone.png

AKYS 2022 ZEP Photo Zone

In conclusion of AKYS 2022, the delegates were awarded for their participation during the closing ceremony. The country leaders were also acknowledged for their efforts throughout the run of the summit. The closing session ended with the presence of Sua Cho, the Korea country leader, who delivered the farewell speech, and H.E. Kim Hyunsook, the Minister of Gender Equality and Family of the Republic of Korea, who gave the closing remarks. With the theme Youth in Harmony, the summit officially concluded with the presentation of the closing video in which delegates participated.

country leaders.png

AKYS 2022 Country Leaders


AKYS 2022 Delegates

For more information about the successful AKYS 2022, please visit https://eng.akys.kr/.