8 February 2024

ASEAN Engineering Journal (AEJ) Team Visit to the AUN/SEED-Net Secretariat

Sirin Chakamanont
AUN/SEED-Net Programme Lead;

On January 30, 2024, the ASEAN Engineering Journal team visited the AUN/SEED-Net Secretariat to provide an update on AEJ management and progress. The team was led by Prof. Norhazilan Md Noor (Editor-In-Chief), Associate Professor Muhamad Ali Muhammad Yuzir (Deputy Editor-in-Chief), Mrs. Hairunnisa Binti Yunos (Journal Manager), and Mrs. Hapizah Binti Mohmad (a member of the Advisory Panel). Mr. Watanabe Motoharu from JICA Headquarters also attended the meeting. 

During the meeting, a highly productive discussion took place on how best to improve the quality of the journal. We explored innovative ways to enhance its indexing database and increase engagement with Japanese universities. Members of the AEJ, JICA, and AUN/SEED-Net expressed their optimism at being able to achieve this goal with collective effort and determination.