8 September 2022

Introducing ASEAN Engineering Journal (AEJ) by JICA Project for AUN/SEED-Net

AUN Writer Team

By Boonyanuch Jaroenittikoon, AUN Programme Officer

The ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/SEED-Net) was established as the third ASEAN University Network (AUN) Thematic Network, which was based on the importance of human resource development for sustainable economic growth in ASEAN, in 1997 ASEAN-Japan Summit Meeting. Its Cooperative Framework was jointly signed by representatives of the AUN, Japan Institutional Cooperation Agency (JICA), and ASEAN Foundation, member institutions from 10 ASEAN Countries, witnessed by the ASEAN Secretariat, Government of Japan, and other ministries. The mentioned Framework outlines the operational structure, administrative arrangement, comprehensive work plan, and initial activities of the AUN/SEED-Net that helped to create the basis for the development of the network and to strengthen higher engineering education.

One of many achievements of AUN/SEED-Net regarding the enhancement of engineering education in Southeast Asia is the successful management and reputation of the ASEAN Engineering Journal (AEJ), which serves as an official research publication of the network. Since its establishment in 2011, the journal has been known for adopting a holistic and integrated approach to management with strong support and cooperation from the Government of Japan, the Governments of ASEAN member states, and other institutions involved. It employs a managerial, public-value, and not-for-profit oriented method as well as values a broad-based set of people skills to form an effective system and trust-based professional relationship. As a result, for over a decade, AEJ has endeavoured to promote research work and develop research quality, as well as strengthen its network of young researchers and high-skilled human resources in different fields of engineering expertise. At the same time, the journal has built its reliability and reputation as one of the leading engineering journals in Southeast Asia. Moreover, in 2019, it marked a milestone for being officially accepted into Scopus—one of the best abstraction and citation databases for peer-reviewed journals.

Such success requires solid and practical factors, which play a crucial role in increasing growth and maintaining its leadership and reputation. Initially, a clear vision and mission from the editorial board served as the highest policy body. The panel of editors-in-chief, the reviewers, and the AEJ secretariat adopted the board’s direction to oversee and improve the journal’s quality and reliability, as well as ensure smooth back-office operation. Additionally, since the JICA Project for AUN/SEED-Net will terminate in 2023, as a preparation, AEJ has been brought under the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), which has the expertise and professional experience regarding Scopus scientific journals, from April 2021 onwards.

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