29 March 2024

AUN Summer Camp Introduction Series #3: UBD-AUN Summer Camp 2024

Noppanun Sookping
AUN Programme Officer;

In the endeavours to promote cross-border exchange and cultivation of competencies for future workforces of the ASEAN region, AUN Summer Camp brought together the might and excellence of AUN Member Universities from across the 10 ASEAN countries to establish short-term concurrent summer programmes to promote cross-border exchange of undergraduate students within the region. This week, the AUN Summer Camp Introduction Series turned the spotlight on the AUN Summer Camp programme hosted by Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) – UBD-AUN Summer Camp 2024 “Green Horizons: Harnessing Digital Transformation for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development”.

With the objective of cultivating environmental stewardship among the region’s new generations of talents to create positive impacts, UBD-AUN Summer Camp 2024 is priming to educate and inspire participating students to develop good Environmental Practices, knowledge in technology-enhanced and data-driven Environmental Management and the sense of Environmental Responsibility, all in contribution to the global efforts towards Combating Climate Change and Biodiversity conservation.

AUN-UBD Summer Camp.jpg

To achieve such goals, the programme features a variety of active and experiential learning activities, including site visitation, group work, lectures, brainstorming workshop sessions, etc. In this regard, participants will be able to work with well-rounded academic staff and contributors, and engage directly with local communities to build an enriching learning experience for both the students’ personal and professional growth.

The following benefits are provided by UBD as the host university:

  • Accommodation
  • Daily meals
  • Airport Transfers
  • Local transportation for technical visits and cultural excursions
  • Cultural excursions fee

Application and nomination of students to this programme is processed through the offices of global affairs/international relations of 30 AUN Member Universities (the list of eligible universities can be found here). Initial registration to the university coordinators is open until 6 April 2024. Nominated students will then be asked to fill in and submit the registration form along with any other required documents by 14 April 2024.

In addition to being a part of AUN Summer Camp, UBD-AUN Summer Camp 2024 is also under the university’s flagship Global Discovery Programme (GDP). Since its launch in 2011, GDP has been offering various short-term exchange programmes with the aim of providing international students with the enriching opportunity to experience the student-life in Brunei Darussalam. For more information on courses offered under GDP, please visit https://ubd.edu.bn/admission/international-exchange/global-discovery-programme/.

For more information and application details regarding the UBD-AUN Summer Programme 2024, please visit the programme’s website at https://ubd.edu.bn/admission/international-exchange/global-discovery-programme/aun-summer-camp/ or contact [email protected]

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