7 October 2021

Introducing the AUN Thematic Network Series #16 - AUN-ADERA

Noppanun Sookping
AUN Programme Officer;

ASEAN University Network on Architectural Design Education and Research, also known as AUN-ADERA, is a thematic network of the ASEAN Universities Network established to build a community of critical and creative scholars in architectural design education and research for intellectual exchange.

Sanctioned in 2018, AUN-ADERA secretariat is based at the Centre of Advanced Studies in Architecture/Tun Tan Cheng Lock Centre of Architecture and Urban Heritage in Asia, National University of Singapore (NUS).

AUN-ADERA membership is open to the 30-core member universities, as well as non-AUN universities in ASEAN and beyond.

AUN-ADERA’s objectives are:

  1. To share the best knowledge of experiences and practices in innovative design pedagogy pertinent to ASEAN in particular, and Asia in general 
  2. To create a milieu for the cultivation of architectural knowledge unique to ASEAN that has broad ramification to and dialogue with the best of humanistic education that improves the quality of life of people and communities. 
  3. To encourage and exchange research documentation, translation and publication of key texts and ideas special to the milieu of development architecture in ASEAN. 
  4. To foster an active discussion on the design futures of ASEAN and their implications on architectural education, research and practice in light of the rapid technological transformations in analysing, making and representing. 
  5. To promote a broader understanding of significant cultural and political connections among the member countries that have given forms to the ASEAN environments 

AUN-ADERA has launched multiple working groups in the efforts to accomplish its intellectual exchange mission in architectural design education and research through event organization, programmes and publications. The initiatives the network is working on include:

  • Architectural Design pedagogy on methods of design studio
  • Architectural Design history and Theory: ASEAN design issues of significance including ASEAN Design Futures
  • Architectural Design technology
  • Design, Community and culture 
  • Documentation, translation publication: ASEAN Textbook, traditional crafts, modern national/nationalist icons. Bibliographical project and data-base of research, academics and researchers
  • ASEAN Design Biennale to encourage the participating schools to promote a curatorial discipline and culture
  • Working Committee for academic accreditation of architectural education and research

On 27-28 July 2020, AUN-ADERA organized the AUN-ADERA Inaugural Symposium 2020. The virtual event served the network’s thrust to create a common ground of intellectual exchange for the future of architectural design education and urban development in Southeast Asia.

Despite the disruption of Covid 19 pandemic, AUN-ADERA stands strong in its mission to forge a common ground for intellectual and innovative exchange in architectural design education and research among its member universities, and ultimately contribute to urban and smart city development for the ASEAN region in the future.

For contact information, please see the list below:

  • E-mail: 
  • Website: https://aun-adera.net/
  • Tel: +65 6516 8736 
  • Office Address: Department of Architecture, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore, 4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566

In the next issue, we will take a look at AUN-TEPL, the AUN Thematic Network dedicated to fostering collaboration among the ASEAN universities to improve students’ success through technology-enhanced personalised learning.