25 July 2023

Embracing a New Era of Sustainability and Collaboration: Three REd-UC Consortium Kick-off Meetings (IAC-WV&WR, M2CNeu, TransBio)

Tonghathai Likhitweerawong
AUN/SEED-Net Programme Lead;

Three REd-UC consortium projects as kick-off meetings were held to address pressing global challenges and drive sustainability. Renowned institutions from various countries have joined forces to foster academia-industry collaboration and promote innovation in the fields of wastewater management, carbon neutrality, and sustainable transportation.

The first kick-off meeting, organized by the National University of Laos on July 6, 2023, focused on the consortium named "IAC-WV&WR" (Industry-academia collaboration for waste valorization of industrial wastewater and water recycling using green technology). Partners from NUOL (Lao), UKK (Japan), SIMATS (India), KMUTNB (Thailand), UTB (Brunei), and Epoch Toys (Lao) gathered both online and onsite to discuss the consortium's objectives, work plan, and project timeline for the next three years. The meeting showcased remarkable collaboration and synergy among the consortium members as they jointly addressed the pressing need to improve wastewater treatment and valorization processes, aligning with the private sector's requirements.


Continuing the momentum towards sustainability, Universiti Malaya organized the second successful kick-off meeting on July 10, 2023, for the "M2CNeu" consortium. The meeting centered around the consortium's commitment to "Moving towards Carbon Neutrality." Partners from UM (Malaysia), Kyoto University (Japan), CTU (Vietnam), NUOL (Laos), SMVDU (India), and Daikin (Malaysia) gathered both onsite and online to unveil a comprehensive plan aimed at revolutionizing renewable energy and paving the way for a sustainable future. Over the next three years, M2CNeu will conduct cutting-edge research on carbon neutrality, exploring its societal and industrial impacts in different countries while actively engaging stakeholders.



The third kick-off meeting, held virtually on July 13, 2023, marked the inception of the "TransBio" consortium's ambitious project. Esteemed institutions, including CU (Thailand), Tokyo Tech (Japan), ENTEC (Thailand), JKUAT (Kenya), HUST (Vietnam), UGM (Indonesia), and Innovare (Japan), united with a shared goal of transforming sustainable transportation. The consortium's primary focus lies in creating and sharing knowledge related to non-food feedstocks for biodiesel production. Dedicated research will explore the viability and efficiency of various non-food feedstocks, aiming to develop sustainable biodiesel production methods. Furthermore, the consortium intends to showcase the practical application of high-blended carbon-neutral fuel in real-world transportation scenarios.


These successful kick-off meetings highlight the commitment and dedication of consortium partners in collaboratively addressing global challenges. By leveraging the expertise and resources of each institution, these consortiums aspire to drive innovation, advance sustainable practices, and contribute to a better future. As the projects unfold over the next three years, AUN/SEED-Net eagerly expects to witness novel discoveries, transformative solutions, and the positive impact that will arise from these remarkable collaborations.