1 September 2023

Triple Line-up of Vietnamese Universities: AUN-QA PA Overview: 342nd, 343rd, and 344th

Patitin Lertnaikiat
AUN Programme Officer;

The last week of August is here and we will be moving to the final quarter of 2023 very soon. But before we move on to 2023’s last quarter, for the second half of August, the AUN-QA has an interesting line up of not just one or two Vietnamese universities, but three! In a row at that too! It is not often the Programme Assessments take place in one country in two consecutive weeks, but this is one of those times. Perhaps this should be remembered as the Vietnamese PA Overview special? Maybe.

342nd AUN-QA Programme Assessment at Thai Nguyen University (TNU)

  • The 342nd AUN-QA Programme Assessment was held onsite at TNU, Viet Nam, from 22 - 24 August, 2023. Four study programmes were assessed, namely:

1. Automation and Control Engineering (Hanoi campus)
2. Mechatronics Engineering Program (Hanoi campus)
3. Bachelor of Resources and Environmental Management (Lao Cai campus)
4. Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Service Management (Lao Cai campus)

  • TNU is under the Ministry of Education and Training
  • TNU is a public regional university established on April 4th, 1994 by re-organizing and merging 4 local universities and 1 vocational school in Thai Nguyen Province. At present, TNU has eleven university/school members: University of Education, University of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Economics and Business Administration, University of Technology, University of Sciences, University of Information and Communication Technology, Thai Nguyen College of Economics and Techniques, Thai Nguyen School of Foreign Languages, TNU’s International School and TNU’s Branch in Lao Cai Province. TNU is a regional university providing multi-disciplinary training, scientific research and advanced technology transfer, which contributes to the socio-economic, and cultural development of the Midlands, Northern Mountainous Region, and the whole country.
  • This was TNU’s 6th Programme Assessment with AUN-QA and their 2nd onsite Programme Assessment with AUN-QA

343rd AUN-QA Programme Assessment at Dalat University (DLU)

  • The 343rd AUN-QA Programme Assessment was held onsite at DLU, Viet Nam, from 22 - 24 August, 2023. Two study programmes were assessed, namely:

1. Bachelor of Accounting
2. Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

  • DLU is under the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam
  • Dalat University (DLU) is a public university, established in 1976 on the grounds of the Catholic University of Dalat (established in 1958). With over 60 years of establishment, innovation, and development, Dalat University today is a multi-disciplinary higher education institution and is ranked as an established and reputable center of training, scientific research, technology transfer, and community service not only in the Central Highlands, South Central Coast, and Southeast regions but also in the higher education system nationwide. The university offers a wide range of disciplines including pedagogy, social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and technology, and economics and management, with 41 full-time bachelor’s programs, 10 master’s programs, and 7 doctoral programs. In addition, the university provides continuing education training in a variety of forms, including part-time programs, second degrees, transfer degrees, and other forms of short-term training.
  • This was DLU’s 2nd Programme Assessment and their 1st onsite Programme Assessment with AUN-QA

344th AUN-QA Programme Assessment at Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)

  • The 344th AUN-QA Programme Assessment was held onsite at VNU, Viet Nam, from 29 - 31 August, 2023. Four study programmes were assessed, namely:

1. Master Program of Civil Engineering
2. The Master Program of Economic Law
3. Bachelor of International Business
4. Bachelor of Accounting, Analyzing, and Auditing

  • VNU is under the Ministry of Education and Training
  • Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) is one of two national universities in Vietnam. VNU has undergone various stages of development: the University of Indochina established on 16 May, 1906; Vietnam National University (November, 1945); the University of Hanoi (June, 1956). In December 1993, VNU was reorganized on the basis of amalgamating the University of Hanoi and some other leading universities in Hanoi.
  • VNU has 34 units, including: 8 member universities; 4 affiliated schools; 7 research institutes; 2 training and research centers, 13 service units. In 2020, VNU-University of Medicine and Pharmacy was established. In 2020, VNU recruited 10,585 freshmen for 133 undergraduate majors, of which, 15 programs were newly opened. The national program "Science and Technology for sustainable development in the Northwest" completed. The manuscript of the Vietnamese History Collection (the National History Collection) comprises 25 volumes of general history and 5 volumes of event chronicles.
  • This was VNU’s 17th Programme Assessment and their 14th onsite Programme Assessment with AUN-QA.