13 July 2020

AUN-QA Emblem design philosophy explained

Chawanvit Panprasert
AUN Programme Officer;

AUN-QA launched its brand-new emblem in October 2019. The emblem now consists of not only the AUN-QA symbol but also the logo of the AUN—its mother organization—all encased in a modern oval shape.

The original AUN-QA Symbol comprises an hourglass representing the timelessness of the AUN-QA’s continuous improvement philosophy which is reflected in every AUN-QA operation. The word AUN-QA stands for ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance, the full name of the organization.

The new emblem adds the AUN logo consisting of the ASEAN University Network (AUN) name alongside ASEAN emblem to show that the AUN-QA is a part of the AUN and that the AUN is one of the ASEAN sectoral bodies.

The oval shape encasing both logos represents the forward looking, contemporary nature, and the dynamics of AUN-QA works.

The main colors of the emblem are red and blue which are associated with energetic feeling and wisdom respectively.

Altogether, the new AUN-QA emblem encapsulates the AUN-QA organizational nature. With a contemporary and intelligent work philosophy, AUN-QA will continue to proactively operate to uplift the quality of higher education across the ASEAN region.