11 April 2024

Curtin University’s Visit Opened New Doors for Network-Level Collaboration in Key Priority Areas

AUN Writer Team

By Saruta Srichoosin and Soranee Chuyingsakultip, AUN Programme Officers


On 5 April 2024, Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, Executive Director of ASEAN University Network (AUN), led the AUN Secretariat in welcoming Professor Xiaotian Zhang, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Global, and delegates of Curtin University to the AUN Secretariat Office in Bangkok, Thailand.

Curtin University is a member of the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) with international campuses in ASEAN Countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. The visit by Prof. Xiaotian Zhang and Curtin University’s delegation brought to the table fruitful discussion on mutual priorities of both sides including potential collaborations and network expansion in key areas such as entrepreneurship, innovation, talent development, mobility programmes, and the exchange of information and resources.

The meeting underscores Australia's inherent alignment with the ASEAN region, highlighting its status as a natural ally due to shared values and resources, geographical proximity, and historical ties. As Australia and ASEAN commemorated their 50th anniversary of relations recently in March 2024, this renewed commitment to collaboration represents a significant milestone in strengthening the bonds between the two regions. By fostering deeper understanding, engagement, and mutual respect, Australia and ASEAN can navigate future challenges and opportunities with resilience and cooperation, further cementing their enduring partnership for the benefit of both regions.