Intelligent Secretariat
We are driven by intelligence. This intelligence manifests itself in two forms. One is that knowledge is the basis for all our decisions. The other is that our works are based on innovative designs and fundamental principles. 

Our name and our presence is a stamp of reliability. We are constant and vigilant in our delivery of quality, relevant, and impactful work. 

We do not constrain ourselves to any limits because we understand that to be the best we can be, we must look beyond our confines as well as extract all we can from within. Only by looking at international quality standards within our region can we truly be the best Secretariat we can be. 


The Team




Choltis Dhirathiti, Ph.D. AUN Executive Director Email:
Korn Ratanagosoom (Mo) Chief Strategy Officer and AUN Secretariat Office's First Officer
(CSO & First Officer of AUN Secretariat)
Supatcha Supapant (Amy) Chief Programme Officer and Chief of Knowledge Management & Global Communication Email:
Ing-orn Jeerararuensak (Ing) Acting AUN-QA Manager and Senior Programme Officer Email:
Naparat Phirawattanakul (Lhing) Senior Programme Officer Email:
Achavadee Wiroonpetch Senior Programme Officer Email:
Buranond Kijwatanachai (Nond) Programme Officer Email:
Phasawit Jutatungcharoen (Jun)

Programme Officer

Monsiri Chintanavisit (Ploy) Quality Assurance Officer Email:
Nisanat watthayu (Pop) Quality Assurance Officer Email:
Supitcha Thitisomboon (Nae) Assessment Officer Email:
Worapanit Wongsaprom (Fang) Assessment Officer


Saruda Moolwong (Jan) Assessment Officer Email:
Kritsaporn Rithichaidumrongkul (Jam) Assessment Officer Email:
Sumalee Rungreantham Finance and Budget Officer Email:
Montinee Jakdee Office Assistant Email:
Somsak Meeumpan Office Assistant Email: