22 December 2022

Introducing NEAS Australia: The Global Leader in Quality Assurance for the English Language Teaching Community

AUN Writer Team

By Chanya Chinsukserm, AUN Programme Officer

NEAS Australia has been advancing high-quality education for over 30 years through its quality assurance services and its dedication to developing, fostering, and promoting continuous improvement throughout the international education and English Language Teaching (ELT) community. NEAS is known as the global leader in quality assurance for the ELT community, quality assuring ELT provision across higher education, vocational education and training, high school, and independent ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) providers. 

Three distinct missions of NEAS are to support the achievement of quality outcomes for ELT worldwide, advance global quality assurance in ELT, and empower knowledge partnerships within the ELT community. NEAS’ approach to quality assurance is grounded in the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, the standards that uphold high standards, support centres in demonstrating quality in their programs and services, and provide guidance in continual improvement processes. The Framework guides providers in meeting and exceeding their quality goals.

NEAS’s proven expertise in independent quality assurance is embraced throughout the wider education community. Students, parents, education agents, teachers, and professional staff recognise the high value of being quality assured by NEAS. Furthermore, NEAS quality assurance is highly regarded by regulatory and government bodies.

NEAS offers a multitude of services that support the ELT community; this includes quality assurance and endorsement for ELT Centres, professional development for teachers, managers, and professional staff, and approval of ELT teacher qualifications. As a result of these high-quality services, providers of ELT qualifications, education agents, and a variety of other new service providers have engaged NEAS Australia as their independent quality assurer of choice. 

NEAS quality assures English Language Teaching Qualifications across all sectors and showcases best practices in the ELT community through the recognition of premium products and a longstanding commitment to quality assurance. To find out more about NEAS, please visit https://neas.org.au/.