Apply for the Grants!

No. Abbreviations Application Deadline Application Guideline Financial Guideline Award Announcement
1 REd-UC N/A Download Download Download (Fiscal Year 2023)
2 RC 31 March, 2024 Download Download
3 STI Scholarship 10 December, 2023 Download N/A


All the grant programs are available to faculty staff of AUN/SEED-Net Member Institution with
engineering discipline. AUN members are welcome to participate (even though they cannot be
applicants). More details of how they can join are in the guidelines.

For the AUN/SEED-Net Member Institution (MI) list, click here.

Brief of Grant Programs:

AUN SEED Net Grant 1.png

1. Research and Education Grant for University Consortium (REd-UC)
If you intend to conduct collaborative research and/or education
activities with your alliances from other academic institutions and
industrial partners, this is your chance!

AUN/SEED-Net provides the grant to six consortiums with outstanding
project proposals will be awarded the funds required to deliver on the
promised outputs and outcomes.

AUN SEED Net Grant 3.png 2. Regional Conference (RC)
Submit a proposal for an online/onsite/hybrid academic conference to
receive the sponsorship.
AUN SEED Net Grant 2.png 3. Science, Technology, and Innovation Scholarship (STI Scholarship)
Unlike other grants, this scholarship is available for AUN/SEED-Net
Member Institution staff and students to pursue Doctoral Degree in
Engineering in Japan.