AUN Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN)

Quick Facts
Establishment: 2014
Focus: Health promotion within higher educations for society at large
Host: Mahidol University
Members: AUN30 + 4 Associate Members + 1 Japanese Institution

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phudit Tejativaddhana 

Contact: [email protected]

AUN-HPN is a regional network of academic collaboration between health experts, medical practitioners, and higher education institutions to promote the role of universities in promoting healthy lifestyles and environments with a health promotion approach. AUN-HPN takes a leading role in liaising and cooperating with higher education institutions and partners in ASEAN region and beyond to accelerate health promotion campaigns and collaborative research for community well-being and public benefits through regional collaboration, research, capacity building, sharing of knowledge and experience to tackle common health challenges in the region.


  1. To serve as a platform for ASEAN higher education institutions for collaboration among themselves and with other key stakeholders for the purpose of health promotion in the ASEAN region.
  2. To share knowledge, skills and resources among the network members in order to build capacity for health promotion and to develop innovative solutions to common health challenges in the region.


  1. To provide a discussion platform for stakeholders (policy makers, academics, university students, communities and other partners) involved in health promotion activities within the ASEAN region for intellectual exchange and experience-sharing on the successes and best practices.
  2. To document outcomes of current health promotion policies and practices being implemented by participating universities, with a view to promoting effective health promotion policies and practices in cross-border collaboration among ASEAN universities.
  3. To promote the roles of universities in health promotion, particularly on action-oriented policies that relate to community and public health.
  4. To proactively promote platforms for knowledge sharing in the area of health promotion.

AUH-HPN was established in 2014. The network is supported mainly by Mahidol University. Thai Health Promotion Foundation provides financial support for some activities in Thailand. AUN-HPN Secretariat is based in the ASEAN Institute for Health Development, Mahidol University.