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23 November 2023

"Management and Strategy: How AUN-HPN Became a Driving Force for Regional Health Promotion" Has Officially Launched

Noppanun Sookping, AUN Programme Officer
Since its establishment in 2014, ASEAN University Network Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN) has been actively contributing to university health promotion across the ASEAN region. In this connection, the book "Management and Strategy: How AUN-HPN Became a Driving Force for Regional Health Promotion" has been published by the AUN Secretariat team in coordination with AUN-HPN to observe and catalogue the good practices in managing the thematic network of universities. To do so, this book focuses on the work and perspectives of AUN-HPN’s past and current thought leaders as well as the observation of AUN-HPN flagship activities.
17 November 2023

AUN-ICT Workshop Returned for Deepened Discussion on Quality Standardisation of University's ICT System and Management

AUN Writer Team,
Prince of Songkla University (PSU), in collaboration with the Institute of Software Engineering and Quality Management (ISEM) and ASEAN University Network (AUN), co-hosted the workshop on the Quality Standardization of University's ICT System and Management (AUN-ICT) On 7-8 November 2023 in Bangkok. Set to continue with the work resulting from its first iteration, this workshop delved further into detail of what can ensure the success of AUN-ICT development and implementation as a world-class, comprehensive and multifaceted standardisation framework tailored specifically for universities.
2 November 2023

The AUN-QA IQA Redesign Taskforce Team Assembled to Set the Path Forward for ASEAN IQA

Patitin Lertnaikiat, AUN Programme Officer
Following the success of the Internal Quality Assurance System Design and Development Workshop in March 2023, Viet Nam, the AUN-QA IQA Redesign Taskforce was established and recently conducted its first meeting on 20 - 21 October 2023 in Bangkok. Through the intensive discussion on existing Viet Nam and Cambodia IQA frameworks and the root-cause analysis of the workshop in Viet Nam, the outcome of this meeting will pave the way for the future of ASEAN IQA and the task force will be at the forefront!
19 July 2023

Continuing Strong in the Tide of Change: AUN’s Success Recapped in the 38th AUN-BOT Meeting

Ninnart Ratanasukhon, AUN Programme Officer
The 38th ASEAN University Network Board of Trustees (AUB-BOT) Meeting concluded with an astounding success on 6 July 2023, with gracious hosting from Universiti Malaya. This annual meeting serves as an opportunity for the members of AUN’s Board of Trustees to be updated on the latest activities of AUN, discuss its direction, and set a vision for its future. This year, the members of our Board of Trustees were up for a long list!
12 July 2023

Navigate the Changing Tide of Global Higher Education in the 14th AUN Rectors’ Meeting

Ninnart Ratanasukhon, AUN Programme Officer
Change is fast approaching on all fronts, but ASEAN universities are ready to take on it. In the 14th AUN Rectors’ Meeting held on 5 July 2023, with the gracious hosting of Universiti Malaya, leaders from AUN Universities demonstrated how ASEAN higher education can navigate the changing tide of global higher education. Is AI changing education as we know it? Is knowledge from universities no longer relevant? Hear it from the leaders of AUN Universities.
29 September 2022

The Ethics of Environmental Sustainability in the Era of Climate Crisis

Environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation are crucial for the livelihoods of all citizens of ASEAN countries. Our current and future leaders ought to find the balance between socioeconomic development and the protection of remaining natural resources. The global conversation surrounding our climate laws and regulations now must center on disasters, displacement, and mitigation. The ethics webinar offered a platform for the contemplation of the ethical responsibility of environmental sustainability and a deep reflection on the current systems of production that produces such crises.
7 April 2022

Mental Health Struggles and Experiences: How do ASEAN university students cope in the virtual setting?

While many Southeast Asian countries are reopening borders and resuming in-person and on-site activities, the two-year hiatus full of home isolation, quarantines and social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has left several long-term effects on ASEAN society and the well-being of its citizens, including pervasive mental health problems among the region’s populace. In the area of higher education, several issues emerged in terms of how students and educators have been coping while also maintaining productivity and performance under such circumstances. It is important for us to look into the gravity of the situation and the efforts to combat such a crisis thus far by institutions, organisations and governments in the Southeast Asian region.
23 February 2022

Mainstreaming interdisciplinarity: a commentary

There has been a constant increase in interest and development of interdisciplinarity. However, its essence and significance to the development of our society are still largely foreign to the general public. A call for raising awareness and understanding towards this outcome-based and integrated module of learning and knowledge creation is needed to garner support and make interdisciplinarity a vital part in education.
2 February 2022

Emergence of the Hybrid World: Its Imperatives and Challenges

The constraints of the pandemic alongside the rise of technology made it necessary to transition to a “Hybrid World”, where structures in human lives are changed from the emergence and accommodation of cyberspace. Challenges of transitioning to a Hybrid World include lack of digital communication equipment for all, limited universal digital literacy skills, and risks of cybersecurity threats. Possible solutions towards this transition may involve sustained funding for research and innovation, more inclusive and collaborative science and technology systems, and maintaining the continuation of healthy societal communication.
18 November 2021

ASEAN Universities Collaboration on Pandemic Related Issues

One of the roles of universities is to generate and provide knowledge, something that has become increasingly important as the world faces challenges like COVID-19. Here are some of the collaborative efforts from within the ASEAN University Network that seek to answer some of the questions posed by the pandemic.