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7 October 2021

ASEAN+3 UNet Rectors to sharpen the edge for their graduates to compete on the global labor market

Buranond Kijwatanachai, AUN Programme Officer
The 5th ASEAN+3 Rectors' Conference is set to take place next week Thursday (14 October 2021). The conference will be held under the theme "ASEAN+3 University Education and Graduate Employability: Sharpening the Edge".
22 December 2021

AUN-QA Overview: 234th AUN-QA Programme Assessment

Happy holidays! To bid farewell to the challenging and eventful year of 2021, AUN-QA delivered one final quality assurance service of the year to the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), Viet Nam in the 234th AUN-QA Programme Assessment.
16 December 2021

AUN-QA Overview: 233th, 250th, 251st & 252nd AUN-QA Programme Assessments

Throughout the first half of the festive December, AUN-QA has been actively on fire following its success in offering quality assurance to 4 universities in 233th, 250th, 251st and 252nd AUN-QA Programme Assessments.
9 December 2021

Mapúa University notes AUN-QA’s unique and thorough approach that goes beyond their expectations

Mapúa University, recognized for its excellence nationally and internationally for not only education but also social responsibility and more, highly praised the AUN-QA’s service during the 209th AUN-QA Programme Assessment (Online/Remote Site Visit) on 15 – 19 November 2021. The university described the AUN-QA Assessors as “very thorough, polite, and objective in doing their tasks” and that the assessments were beyond their initial expectations.
9 December 2021

MU, UM, and SMU hosts the 2nd AUN-TEPL Symposium

Mahidol University (MU) alongside the Singapore Management University (SMU) and Universiti Malaya (UM), hosted the 2nd ASEAN University Network Technology Enhanced Personalised Learning (AUN-TEPL) online symposium on 12th November 2021. The event brought together approximately 200 like-minded educators from universities in the ASEAN region to share and discuss best practices for the use of technology to bring about personalised learning and to seek opportunities to collaborate in inter-university projects.
9 December 2021

CAIC-SIUD 2021: Keynote Address by Dr. Svetlana Gutman and Dr. Elena Rytova on Smart City Indicators

The keynote address on Sustainable Development of Russian Regions: Indicators for Smart Sustainable Cities was delivered by Dr. Svetlana Gutman and Dr. Elena Rytova, both from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, on Day 3 of the CSID AUN-SCUD International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure and Urban Development last October 15, 2021.
1 December 2021

AUN-EEC: Going in Circles? Learning From Feedback Loops

The recently concluded webinar of the ASEAN University Network Ecological Education and Culture (AUEN-EEC) titled "Going in Circles? Learning from feedback loops" took place via Zoom Conference last November 17, 2021, and was attended by AUN-EEC Thematic Networks, faculty, students, and practitioners across ASEAN.