ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum




Participants: Students from the ASEAN+3 region


To enhance and strengthen the mutual understanding of diversity within the ASEAN+3 region in order to further promote friendship and cooperation through cultural sharing

The ASEAN and ASEAN+3 Youth Cultural Forum is an annual event that brings together youth from leading universities in the ASEAN region, China, Japan, and Korea to share their distinct cultures and values with one another. The Forum comprises cultural workshops, a cultural trip, as well as a space to perform unique traditional cultural performances. 

Project history:

2019 - “The ASEAN Way” hosted by the National University of Laos
2018 - “Creative Community: Art In/For/With Communities” 
2017 - “Revitalising Cultural Diplomacy in Greater ASEAN”
2016 - “ASEAN in Love: Love through the Culture and Arts towards Unity in ASEAN Community”
2015 - “ONE ASIA: Framing the Face of ASEAN+3 to our Youth through Culture and the Arts”