Youth Leaders from 8 ASEAN countries gathered to consolidate the “ASEAN University Student Network (AUSN)”

By Chawanvit Panprasert, Programme Officer
17 May 2021

The meeting began with the progress update of AUSN projects from the previous gathering. AUSN members contributed to two global-scale projects which include the UN75 dialogue: “Define the ideal future and construct key findings towards making this future a reality” and the presentation of ASEAN talents in the Dubai Expo 2020. AUSN members are still consolidating their project ideas to show at the Expo through the AUN website.

Next, the AUSN talked about their working mechanism. The AUSN will hold at least 4 meetings annually which include two annual meetings, some sub-annual meetings and a working committee meeting. Each meeting has its unique roles in planning, implementing and presenting AUSN works and their results to society. Since AUSN is the student leader platform, the AUN Secretariat will appoint AUSN Chair and Vice-Chair annually based on the alphabetical order of English names of ASEAN member states. All basic information along with AUSN works will be recorded in the AUSN Guidebook.

Student leaders also envisioned their directions for AUSN in 2021. They aim to use the AUSN platform to help ease pressing social issues such as impacts from COVID-19, mental health, environment and youth empowerment under the guidance of the AUSN Chair from Universiti Brunei Darussalam and the AUSN Vice-chair from the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Cambodia. The full meeting notes can be accessed using the link below: