AUN Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN)

AUN-HPN is a regional network of academic collaboration joined by health experts, practitioners, and higher education institutions to promote the roles of universities in promoting healthy lifestyles and suitable environments with health promotion approach. AUN-HPN takes a leading role in liaising and cooperating with higher education institutions and partners in ASEAN region and beyond to accelerate health promotion campaigns and collaborative research for community well-being and public benefits through regional collaboration, research, capacity building, sharing of knowledge and experienced to tackle common health challenges in the region.

Goals of AUN-HPN:

  • Enhance the strong collaboration among health and non-health in the ASEAN region
  • Facilitate capacity building activities in the area of health promotion to reduce the capacity gap among ASEAN countries
  • Facilitate exchange and mobility for students, university faculty staff and health-care professional for experiential learning and research collaboration on issues related to health promotion
  • Work collaboratively toward empowerment of communities for good health in the region
  • Advocate for relevant health policies on national and regional scale related to health promotion
  • Minimize the economic burden of health care for the region through health promotion
  • Support network activities for sustainability

In response to Ottawa Charter 1986, health promotion demands coordinated actions by many parties concerned, and universities are inextricably involved. The time has come for ASEAN universities to implement thoroughly the health promotion strategies introduced in the charter, for example, to create the environments that support health promotion, empowerment of community for concrete health promotion works and to develop personal skills throughout life. Policy-actions could be done; however, to generate a sustainable knowledge is a challenge that is inevitable.

AUN-HPN was established in 2014 and the network is supported by Thai Health Promotion Foundation. AUN-HPN Secretariat is based Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University.

What We do
Areas of Work

1. Healthy University/Healthy Campus/Health Promoting Campus initiatives
2. Research collaboration on health promotion
3. Capacity building: health promoters, experience sharing
4. Targeted interventions aiming at various key risk factors
5. Policy advocacy as a tool of joint effort for health promotion

AUN Healthy University Framework

AUN Healthy University Framework publication is developed by AUN-HPN Network. The framework is a reference guide for universities in terms of their roles and policies in health promotion at university level. The Framework describes health promotion initiatives in ASEAN universities, determinants of healthy university, implementation of healthy university framework, as well as mechanisms for assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of healthy university.

The framework has 4 main objectives:

  • To set standards for health promotion universities in ASEAN
  • To raise awareness of university administrators on threats of unhealthy behaviors and environments
  • To promote roles of AUN Member Universities in health promotion within and outside universities, and
  • To scale-up health promotion activities in ASEAN and Plus Three countries

AUN Healthy University Framework describes components required for health promotion at university level, nearby communities, and the whole society which is divided into (1) systems and infrastructure, (2) zero tolerance areas, and (3) health promotion areas.

Capacity Building Workshop / Training

A series of workshops and trainings in health promotion and health promoters in the region

Event Date/Venue Key Discussions
AUN-HPN Capacity Building Workshop on Health Promotion Research 24-26 July 2017

Brainstorming on health promotion research and evaluation issues
AUN-HPN Capacity Building Workshop on Leadership in Health Promotion 7-8 May 2018

Sharing and group discussions on creating change agent in health promotion, health promotion movements in Member Universities, health promotion policy advocacy, and promoting roles of students in health promotion

Download Speakers presentations:

- Creating change agents - the leaders in the new era of health by AUN-HPN
- Thailand's health promotion and social development in practice by Thai Health Promotion Foundation
- Becoming a leader in health promotion by Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Scaling Up of Health Promotion at National and Regional Levels

AUN-HPN continuously promotes awareness building and creates outreach activities for health promotion campaigns in order to scale up health promotion at national and regional levels.

The first project was successfully convened in Thailand. AUN-HPN in cooperation with 5 universities in Thailand successfully initiated the AUN-HPN Network expansion plan through the organisation of regional seminars in 5 regions of Thailand during July 2017-February 2018 in order to escalate health promotion campaigns to universities in Thailand. Participating universities include:

1. Burapha University (East)
2. Chiang Mai University (North)
3. Prince of Songkla University (South)
4. Ubon Ratchathani University (Northeast)
5. Chulalongkorn University (Central)

Plans for further collaboration and expansion in other ASEAN countries are underway.


AUN-HPN is open to interested universities in ASEAN and beyond through associate membership. Current members include AUN Member Universities Osaka University, and Thammasat University. For more information, please contact AUN-HPN Secretariat.

Contact AUN-HPN Secretariat

ASEAN Institute for Health Development
Mahidol University
999 Salaya Phuttamonthon,Nakon Pathom 73170 Thailand
Tel: 02-441-9040-3
Fax:02 441 9044